QAnon: A Left-Wing Conspiracy

The followers of QAnon are being duped. I know the true story.

No need for clumsy, labyrinthian clues hidden in the ether. I will tell it like it is.

Q works for Deep State.

The mission of Q is to suck in all gullible morons and mystical sociopaths (GMAMS). Q does this by tossing out idiotic, laughable, old-hat conspiracy theories only GMAMS would buy into (read about it here), while keeping a detailed list of followers using Microsoft Excel, owned by Bill Gates.

When Deep State takes over, all GMAMS will be rounded up and put into mental institutions and jails (this is why they are ‘emptying’ the jails — so there’ll be room).

The best course of action for GMAMS: Do not vote in November. After the election, Deep State will sift through each and every ballot, cross-reference QAnon social media activity (again, using Bill Gates’ software), and have you committed.

No more talk of QAnon. No social media posts. Nothing. Keep undercover. If you don’t, the only people left walking the streets will be relatively sane Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Trust me. I’ve done my research.


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